Maine Pottery Tour

The 2022 Maine Pottery Tour is happening Saturday and Sunday, April 30th & May 1st. Please join us to visit studios, meet the artists, and shop for great handmade Maine pottery. Dozens of studios in throughout the state will be taking part in this event. Watch this space for maps and other information about the artists and events making up this great weekend!
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Pottery Tour Update

Here's how the Tour is shaping up so far:

This year we've got 17 studios participating, and if they all post flyers, send out postcards, and share on social media, everyone in Central, Southern, and Mid-coast Maine who has any interest in ceramics should have heard of the Maine Pottery Tour.

The map above is the Central Maine wing of the tour:
  1. Fine Mess Pottery – 131 Cony St, Augusta, ME
  2. Malley Weber – 6 Orchard Lane, Hallowell, ME 
  3. The Potter's House – 82 Stevenstown Road, Litchfield, ME
  4. A Lakeside Studio Pottery – 12 Cedar Point Road, Wayne, ME
  5. Maple Lane Pottery – 36 Greeley Road, Windsor, ME 
  6. Loken Pottery -26 Bowman St, Farmingdale, ME 
  7. Mudgirl Pottery – 846 Memorial Drive, Winthrop, ME 
  8. Whitefield Pottery – 442 Howe Road, Whitefield, ME 
  9. Rob Sieminksi – 63 Bog Pond Road, Philips, ME 

    The Tour has two more wings, as well! Here's the Southern wing:
    1. Gallery on the Green, 11 Oak St, Alfred
    2.  HomePort Pottery, 131 Beechwood Ave, Kennebunkport
    3. Heather Abt, 30 Everett St, Portland
    4. Peg's Pots, 51 Woods Rd, Peaks Island

      To use an interactive online map, click here. Still working on the .pdf

    And, finally, a mid-coast leg:

    1. Liz Proffetty, 118 W Old County Rd, Newcastle, 
    2. Ash Cove Pottery 75 Ash Cove Rd, Harpswell
    3. Alexsondra Tomasulo, Clark's Cove Rd, Walpole
    4. Tyler Gulden, Clark's Cove Rd, Walpole
    5. Fireside Pottery, 1478 Camden Rd, Warren

    6. To use an interactive online map, click here. Still working on the .pdf.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New to the Tour: Fireside Pottery

Nancy Button of Fireside Pottery is new to the tour this year! Nancy will be opening her studio in Warren to visitors May 3rd & 4th. Here's the address:
1478 Camden Road
Warren, Maine 04864
You can see more of Nancy's lovely work at her website:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Alexsondra Tomasulo

We're delighted that Alexsondra Tomasulo of Mud of the Ages will again be opening her studio for the Maine Pottery Tour, May 3rd & 4th! Mud of the Ages is on Clark's Cove Road, 1/2 a mile off Rte. 129 in Walpole.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A New Map! The Southern Wing

This is just a slice of a screenshot, but it's the beginning of the official map of the southern wing of the tour! The studios are as follows:
  1. Kathleen King, Gallery on the Green, in Alfred
  2. Cathie Cantara, of Homeport Studio in Kennebunkport
  3. Heather Abt, in Bayside, Portland
  4. Peg Astarita, on Peak's Island, 
Things are coming together!

The Southern Leg of the Tour

This year will be the biggest yet! In addition to eight studios in Central Maine, and four (or five! Still waiting for one) mid-coast, at least three studios in Southern Maine will be participating in the Pottery Tour.
  • Kathleen King will be welcoming the public the the Gallery on the Green, 11 Oak st., in Alfred, Maine. We'll have new images of Kathleen's work soon. 
  • Cathie Cantara of Homeport Pottery is opening her studio as well. Cathie Cantara is a full time studio potter, specializing in high-fired functional stoneware, as well as raku and smoke-fired art pottery. Here's and example of her horsehair raku:

  • Peg Astarita of Peg's Pots will be opening her Peak's Island studio to visitor's this year! A trip to Peak's Island is an adventure in itself; a ferry boat takes you to the island, where you can walk or rent a bike to see the sights.Here's one of Peg's Pots:
 Stay Tuned! More to come.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New to the Tour: Ash Cove Pottery

We're delighted to welcome Susan Horowitz and Gail Kass to the Maine Pottery Tour! Susan and Gail are partners in Ash Cove Pottery, a studio in Harpswell producing beautiful stoneware pottery.You can see lots more of their amazing ware here.

Ash Cove Pottery is located at 75 Ash Cove Road in Harpswell. In addition to welcoming visitors for the Tour, the studio is open most days from 10-6.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Fine Mess Pottery

Lori Watts of Fine Mess Pottery in Augusta is working hard to get ready for the tour! Lori fires a sprung-arch, soda-vapor kiln in her backyard, which she built herself. "The kiln is my pride and joy," she says. "Well, after my garden. Please ask to see it!"

Soda-firing creates durable stoneware with distinctive markings and glaze patterns left by the path of the flame on the ware. The kiln is fired with propane; when it reaches nearly its hottest point, Lori tosses wet wood curls mixed with baking soda and soda ash into the flames. The soda promptly vaporizes, then interacts with the silica in clay and glaze to form a layer of soda glass (glaze) on everything it touches in the kiln. After the firing temperature is reached, Lori shuts down the kiln, carefully blocking all the ports so no cool air can rush into the kiln and crack the ware: slow cooling is essential! The kiln takes two days to reach the point where it can be unloaded.

Here are some examples of Fine Mess Pottery soda-fired stoneware

Fine Mess Pottery is glad to welcome guest artist Karen Dyer Discenso for the weekend. Karen makes beautiful functional stoneware inspired by the Maine coast.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Whitefield Pottery

As we posted earlier, the Maine Pottery Tour is growing this year! Fourteen studios have signed on.

We are very excited to have several new faces. Among them is Libbey Seigars, who puts the "potter" in Whitefield Pottery. Libbey makes wheel-thrown earthenware decorated with images inspired by the flora and fauna of Maine. Have a look! 

Whitefield Pottery is located at 442 Howe Road, Whitefield, Maine.