Saturday, March 30, 2024

New for 2024: Plan Your Tour App!


Now you can plan your pottery road trip right from the website! With support from the Maine Arts Commission, we've created the Plan Your Tour app. Here's how it works:

How do I use the Plan My Tour Web App?

Step 1: Find some studios you plan to visit.

On the home page of our website you can browse studios in the 7 legs of the tour. These legs are based on where they are located in Maine and include: Central, Coastal, Southern, Portland, Western, Downeast and Northern. Click on the legs to view a list of studios.

find studios

*Note that you can also use the search to find studios as well.

When you see a studio you are interested in, click the “Check out [studio name]” button to view that studio. If you’d like to add it to your tour plan, simply click the “Add to Trip” button.

find studios example

Step 2: Add your Email to your Tour Plan

The Plan My Tour Web App uses cookies to save your studio selections to the smart phone, computer or other device you are using. You can view your tour plan on other devices if you enter your email to the “My Settings/Preferences” section and click “Update”. You will then be emailed a 6 digit number to verify your email.

On any other device you would like to view your tour map, simply “Login”. No passwords necessary, you will login by getting another 6 digit code sent to the email you have associated with your map.

login to plan your tour

Step 3: Visit Studios and Get Badges!

On May 4th and 5th, use your Plan My Tour App, to keep track of all the studios you plan to visit. When you have visited a studio, click the “Mark Visited” button on that studio in your list. You may receive badges, if that’s the case the badges will pop up on your screen. Badges are based on the number of studios you have visited and there are also badges for visiting each leg of the tour.

mark visited

Please keep in mind:

*You will need an internet connection for the Plan My Tour Web App to function and cellular connections can be spotty in some places around the state of Maine. If you visit a studio where cellular connections are weak, just go back to the app later and mark it visited when you have a better connection.

*This web app will function to some extent if you have disabled cookies on your device but you will definitely want to enter an email in your tour plan settings so you can retrieve it later. You will likely need to login to your tour plan multiple times on the tour if cookies are disabled.

Friday, March 22, 2024

The 2024 Maine Pottery Tour, May 4th & 5th

It's time to plan your pottery road trip! The 2024 Maine Pottery Tour is happening May 4th & 5th this year! With 70+ studios, this is our biggest event to date. 
New to the tour this year: 

  • Kevin Keiser Ceramics, Cape Elizabeth
  • Honey Bee Hill Ceramics, Rockport
  • The Muddy Cricket, Houlton - our first Northern region studio! 
  • Orange River Artisans, Whiting
  • The Cellar Co, Kennebunk
  • Laceypots, Portland
  • Back Pond Pottery, Windsor
  • The Art of Clay Studio, Waterville
  • Pottery by Celia, Naples
  • Chouinard Ceramics, Edgecomb
  • Cobscook Institute Pottery Studio, Lubec
  • Campfire Pottery, Gray
  • Cary P. Frye Pottery, Biddeford
  • Crow Town Gallery, Lubec
So much to see! Visit our website to start planning your pottery road trip! 

Friday, February 24, 2023

Friday, February 17, 2023

Dopamine Dining

 I keep reading this phrase: dopamine dressing. I hadn't heard it until recently but I immediately knew what it meant. We've all done it! Colors that make you happy, jeans that make your butt look amazing, clothes that just feel very you & make you happy. 

I've started to think of using handmade dishware as dopamine dining. A mug or bowl that you love, that reflects an attitude of joy or serenity or high energy, or makes you smile - gives you what I call joy-zings but what might also be called dopamine hits. If you improve your experience of ordinary activities - & what could be more ordinary than preparing & eating food & drink? - you've improved your daily life. And guess what? Your daily life is the only life you have!

Tl;dr: Buy & use handmade pottery. See ya at the Maine Pottery Tour, May 6 & 7!