Maine Pottery Tour

The 7th annual Maine Pottery Tour is happening Saturday and Sunday, May 5 & 6, 2018. Please join us to visit studios, meet the artists, and shop for great handmade Maine pottery. Dozens of studios in throughout the state will be taking part in this event. Watch this space for maps and other information about the artists and events making up this great weekend!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

TC Woodfire Joins the Tour!

Potter Tim Cichocki will be joining the tour as a guest artist. Tim fires his work in Norridgewock in a wood-fred groundhog kiln, the only one of its kind in Maine. Tim describes the process:

Wood firing lends itself to the creation of a natural ash glaze which is acheived at extremely hot temperatures over several days. In a atmospheric firing such as the wood kiln, pieces recieve firebox effects from the clay reacting to its atmosphere, rich with salts and other minerals from the wood. Duration of flame passing through the ware creates directional flame patterns. Each fired piece will be unique because of the placement and interaction with other pieces in the kiln.
You can see Tim's work during the tour at Fine Mess Pottery in Augusta, May 12 & 13th.

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